Does eating bread make you gain weight?

by Hara Hagikalfa on February 25, 2014 · 0 comments

eating bread and weight gain

Eating bread has been getting a lot of heat lately.  Does eating bread make you gain weight? The simple answer? Yes, it does. Originally, diets which eschewed bread were the low carb diets only, but today we are hearing more and more about giving up all grains, like wheat, in order to be healthier and lose weight. Gluten Free? While going gluten free (termed ‘GF’ by those in the know) seems to be the rage these days, there is more to it than a simple […]

How to drop a dress size in two weeks

by Hara Hagikalfa on February 18, 2014 · 0 comments

drop a drop size in 2 weeks

Can you really drop a dress size in two weeks? Yes, you can!  With the right eating plan, paired with a bit of exercise, the weight will come off, just in time for your big event. Yes, quick weight loss is a hot topic, but no one seems to know how to achieve it. Fasting Have you ever thought of fasting for weight loss?  Fasting is the process of abstaining from food, willingly, for a certain period of time.  It is almost a starvation diet.  Most […]

What Affects Your Appetite for Food?

by Hara Hagikalfa on February 11, 2014 · 0 comments

food appetite

Heartbreak, stress, hormones, the weather, medicine you might be taking, even how hard your workout was during the day, all of these things can actually affect your appetite for food. Heartbreak Feeling blue?  Often it seems that a bad breakup can send you straight to the Ben & Jerry’s cooler in your grocery store, and then right back home to find a big spoon.  Or perhaps it is the opposite?  You find that you have had your heart broken and you just cannot eat? You […]

Can drinking lots of water help you lose weight?

by Hara Hagikalfa on February 4, 2014 · 0 comments

drinking water for weight loss

Did you know that your metabolic rate actually increases when you drink water? And when your metabolic rate increases, your body burns more calories, no matter what you are doing: resting, working, running, it does not matter. When the metabolism increases, more calories are burned, all day long! Scientific Evidence Several studies have recently been reported that show this correlation between drinking water and weight loss.  One study, done in Germany, showed that increased water consumption was directly related to the increased rate at which […]

Vegetables That Boost Your Immune System

by Hara Hagikalfa on January 24, 2014 · 0 comments

vegetables for strong immune system

Everyone knows that eating their vegetables keeps them healthy, but not everyone knows that eating vegetables can actually boost the immune system. Adding vegetables to your plate, in a rainbow of colors, is the best way to stay healthy and ward off things like colds and flu symptoms.  This cold and flu season, stay healthy by simply eating your vegetables! Orange and Yellow Vegetables Did you know that carrots deliver over 110% of the daily value of Vitamin A that you need?  In addition, carrots supply […]