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Best fish to eat while on a diet

by Hara Hagikalfa

best fish while on diet

It is true that seafood is the counterpart to red meat and an important source of protein, good fats (such as omega-3 fatty acids), vitamins and minerals.

It is already proven by research that omega-3 fatty acids can help you reduce the risk of heart disease and tackle blood pressure problems. Nutritionists recommend eating fish at least three times per week. This is because the benefits associated with fish intake are apparent when you reach this amount of consumption.

Furthermore, seafood has less calories and fat when compared to red meat. So, what is the best fish to eat while on a diet? We have 5 healthy and tasty suggestions.


Salmon is a fish well known for its health benefits. Salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Specifically, it contains 2 grams more of omega-3 fatty acids than the average adult consume in 120gr of every other food.

Salmon is also rich in other nutrients such as selenium and vitamin D, which have their own benefits on bone health.

Looking also at the protein and amino acid profile of salmon, it is worth to note that salmon is rich in small bioactive protein molecules which can protect you from joint problems, from insulin resistance as well as controlling inflammation within the digestive system.

In general, salmon consumption is associated to a decreased risk of depression as well as reduced cognitive decline in older people.


During the last couple of years, shellfish was considered to be a bad choice when dieting due to its high content in cholesterol. However, according to recent studies, consuming shellfish can help you maintain or even lose weight efficiently.

Shellfish is a good source of protein. Protein plays an important role in growth as well as filling your stomach up for long hours.

Shrimps are the shellfish that contain the most protein in each 100gr. serving. Specifically, 100gr of shrimps contain approximately 19gr of protein.

The rest shellfish such as lobsters and crabs provide approximately 16g of protein per 100gr of serving.

Furthermore, shellfish is rich in zinc. Your body needs zinc to maintain proper protein synthesis, immune function, cell division and wound healing.

Regarding zinc, crab is the highest in that mineral with 6,5mg per 100gr. A healthy individual needs approximately 9 to 11mg of zinc daily.


Sardines have great health benefits and are low in calories. This combination makes them perfect seafood when dieting. The value of sardines mainly lies in their high omega-3 profile.

Specifically, it offers a remarkable amount of disease-preventive and health beneficial effects.

Sardines contain approximately 222% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B-12. Your body needs this vitamin for healthy red blood cell formation.

Healthy red blood cells help your body to fight inflammation and maintain a healthy immune system.

Furthermore, keeping a good intake of vitamin B12 can help you with anemia prevention, a serious disease in which your body cannot form adequate red blood cells. See also: Benefits of vitamin B for women


Flounder is a flat fish that comes from the Atlantic Ocean. This type of fish is a lean source of protein, which means that is very low in fats. This makes it as a very nutritious addition to your diet when trying to lose weight.

Specifically, 100gr of flounder contains only 99calories, 1gr of fat and no carbohydrates. Furthermore, 100gr of cooked flounder provides 21gr of protein, an amount that almost covers the half needs of protein for a healthy individual.

According to the American Heart Association, eating 100gr of flounder can protect your bone health since it contains 25% of the recommended daily amount for phosphorus and 2% for calcium.

Furthermore, with 8% of the recommended daily amount for magnesium, flounder can help you in forming healthy metabolic enzymes. These enzymes will help you with the overall digestion process and absorption of all minerals consumed from your food.


Last but not least, perch is great seafood to eat while dieting. With its low calories profile (93 calories per 100gr of perch) can be easily added to your meals. Furthermore, perch is low in total fats (1,8gr per 100gr) but rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Perch has a delicate taste and can be prepared either steamed, poached or oven baked. During the last decade it has gained a great recognition as a healthy fish and is considered to be as one of the best taste table fish.

Regarding the health benefits of perch, this fish is rich in selenium. Selenium is a mineral that may prevent cancer and heart related diseases.

Safe use of fish

Overall, fish consumption must not be missing from your weekly diet. However, to avoid any adverse effects of fish consumption, make sure that you cook your fish thoroughly. Washing your hands before engaging yourself to fish cooking will help you prevent transferring contaminants to other foods that you are cooking.